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大和ふみ - 放課後の教室で女子ビッチグループに飼われる僕

The face of honor student girls after school!
The story that is raped by the school confinement Shota from de S nasty miss us

i wonder if i can't go home safely today ... haa ....>
Elite gather, private school of super advanced school that seems absolutely not such as bullying.
Keisuke, a boy with plenty of Shota elements, is a student of that school.
From the fact that it has been attached to the student, Ayano of the super miss, the school life of Keisuke began to go crazy
ayano is a serious honor student and a reputation‥‥
The nature of the so was super de S Queen of the devil level, and even more was de lewd lewd lady
The female students of the friend group also join, and the radical Iziwaru training begins to make Keisuke as a sex slave today...!

<Shota training game of M attribute>
Keisuke of the weak Shota boy, and the attack and defense of the de S young lady group that I usually go through in honor student!
After school, Keisuke runs around trying to escape somehow!
When they get caught, they are locked up in the school and are forced to be raped by Shota reverse!

While being made to serve the secret part of the young lady with a finger, I am also Shigo by them‥‥
While being allowed to sit straight, it is pressed against the crotch on the face and it is made to lick it‥‥
other members were forced to perform facesitting‥‥
Finally, the mop pattern is thrust into anal and it is forced to reverse insertion rape!

A unique ejaculation management play is waiting from each and every bullying child young lady group

shota attribute keisuke's special ability
The ability to sense the sexual excitement degree of the opponent who is training Keisuke is activated!
You can feel the excitement of the girls by feeling the amount of sweat and other bodily fluids secreted in detail
The state of their fluid secretion is transmitted to Keisuke as an image becomes a video
and the smudged pants in their mouldy skirts and the slimy pants in their mouldy skirts and the slimy pants in their mouldy skirts and the slimy pants in their mouldy skirts and the slimy pants
You can see the sweaty bra in his head as a video!

ascend!are you finally going to strike back?!>
finally, they attacked you, raped you?!
The girls who have been bullying themselves are committed to the end of the training ...delusion masturbation!
Concentrate on the delusion so that you feel the way they cry realistically!
Share the delusional vision with Keisuke, let's experience the delusional ascension rape to the girls!

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