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大和ふみ - 官能ポルノRPG ゴミ屋敷に連れ込まれた少女達

It is confined to a middle-aged father who lives in a garbage room, and the end of the Bocchi Lori girls who were continuously pies without pulling out!

[Garbage house neat man, wake up to the girl confinement play]
In the corner of the park where the fucking brats play in groups, a girl caught sight of them.
And then, before I knew it, I would talk to her.
"Oh, that!magical girl minagoroshi moroshi!」

The girl is nice... pure, and she listens to what I say with pleasure.
like the bitches... they don't go against me.
"Ha!ha!bye, ayukachan!Come to my brother's house and watch the anime!」

When Ayukatan saw my room, he suddenly became frightened and solidified.
I even bought you ice cream even though you were so excited until a while ago!。

"Anyway!just enter the room quietly!」
I wonder if you are afraid of your brother, Ayukatan entered My room while being scared ...!
huh?lori, would you listen to me honestly?

Kenta talks to the girls, makes them off guard, and at some point threatens to bring them into the room.
In a room filled with garbage, the girls fearful of a shabby man without the courage to resist…
Just, a virgin is pierced by a man, and it is polluted with the body fluid of a man to the depths of the body that was pure and pure ...!
The gang bang story of the devil that the garbage house lazy Arafonito repeats!

[Girls who are deprived of virginity to garbage house neat]
Rape and confinement the girls who were taken into the room of a single man full of garbage

"I'm so glad you're here!"!you're making a fool of me!fuck you!you fucking brat!!」
"No......No, stop it!」
That kind of rebellious attitude...!i will correct you like a girl!!」

With zero foreplay, I inserted a penis in the tight virgin Etch hole of the girl…
"Oh, my god!!oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.!it hurts!!it hurts!!sorry!!let go, let go yeah!!」
Shut up!!the girl of this time!Being fucked by a man flirtatious!!it's the best way to cry!!」

Kenta continues to shake the waist even at the end in the back of the girl, continue to commit.
"No......Sex slaves, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.hiku!!it hurts!!it hurts!!it's gonna break!!」
(If you do not obey, you will hurt with a strong rape.It would be a hell of a pain in a wounded scalpel...)
"Well, I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that."I will become a sex slave...Please forgive me already ......!」

The process of a neat man who conflicts while hating and hating the world is transformed into a rape demon that commits a girl one after another…
Girls who are taken into the garbage mansion while frightened, and are arbitrarily violated by a man who does not know…
Lori girls who are raped by Kenta are 5 people in total!
There are various types such as timid daughter, honor student daughter who likes reading, energetic daughter who loves sports…
To rape of Kenta, while girls show each personality rich reaction, it will be trained in the end ...!

The frightened expression of girls, the appearance to be fucked, the face distorted by despair and pleasure ....
you'll be drawn in before you realize it!The story of realistic depiction!

【Sensuality Porn RPG】
The garbage bags that I was going to throw away were piled up in front of the door ....
"Do not're a garbage collector and you're working on taxes!come get it to the citizens' room!」
Kenta is a neat fat guy who lives just by sending money from his parents.
The room where he lived was flooded with garbage, unable to get around him…
Even Kenta of such a depraved scum man, only sexual desire is more than people!
However, Kenta, who is a mass of inferiority and can not have confidence, felt even fear for adult girls honestly.
Kenta's eyes are on the girls who are alone.
If you threaten a little, Kenta brings the weak girls who are afraid and can not resist to the garbage house.
And while the girls are surrounded by garbage, it becomes the outlet of Kenta's desire ....
Garbage house hentai neat Kenta, the evil rape plan begins!

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