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大和ふみ - 官能ポルノRPG 団地妻の誘惑

"Hey, have you ever ejaculated...?」
The temptation of married women who attack a boy in a Showa-style town
“Communication” that is repeated with adults who can not suppress sexual desire
Both boys and girls are swallowed by the sexual desire of bad adults when they are off guard…

-i wanted to be a boy like this!-
A naughty story to send in full Showa story.
Let's enjoy leisurely while feeling nostalgia!

【Prey of libido that can not be suppressed】
Compact housing estates.
This is a town full of the humanity of the Showa era, for better or for worse.
The neighborhood is close, and everyone who passes by is familiar with their faces.
Shotaro who lived there was friendly, and his appearance was also the object of special gaze from the residents.
Shotaro unknowingly, will be involved in the irrepressible inferiority of married women who became a mass of sexual desire to live in the apartment complex…

Children play in the shopping streets of the city, various events organized by the neighborhood association, vacant lots filled with building materials, and parks.
In such a good old Showa era, a naughty experience unfolded in a corner of a certain housing complex!
Married women wearing aprons designed at the time are seduced by retro situations!
In addition, it was natural in that era, kinky uncle to mischief to the girl also appeared firmly!
The girls in the neighborhood were also swallowed by the vortex of black sexual desire

[Communication with residents]
-While preparing for the festival of the neighborhood association, I was seduced by an aunt and secretly in the midst of many people ...!
-After being scolded by an aunt who had bumped into her on the roadside, she was taken into the house and left as it is ...!
-Married woman waving from the apartment block next door, would be invited to your house is tempted over the veranda ...!
-The older sister who brought the circular board came up to the house and as it is ...!
-At the greengrocer I stopped by for shopping, the clerk's aunt...!

Rich ”communication" that does not stop with older older sisters!
They lead Shotaro's sexual desire to release with that hand!
In addition, or witness the girl who has been mischief to pervert, or try to mischief yourself…
I can't think of it now, relive the naughty situation that was not possible at the time!

This is how my days in the apartment complex pass.
Because there are many people living in the apartment complex.
There are times when desire becomes bare.

[Showa story is also full!】
Those who know those days will laugh with meds!
You who became a boy, get a hand from an older woman, and run up the stairs to the adult at once!

Time travel to boyhood!Pleasure to continue being groped by married women in the city!
Please experience the longing that you could not do at the time!

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