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TSUKUYOMI Promenade - 月光ヤークト

The current version is 1.2.(2019/11/27)

The stage of this time is "Tsukinowa Research Gakuen Island".
It is a place where dreams and hopes of talented people gather, lined with comprehensive universities, university hospitals, and research facilities.
And a place where the founding ideals are gradually weathered and eroded by trappings and injustices.

Picaresque Adventure RPG challenges murders caused by distorted desires with a more violent malice.

※ Before you purchase the main part, please be sure to download the trial version, please check the operation.
※ This work corresponds to mouse operation.In the specification, you can not play only with keyboard operation.
※ operation verification with the touch panel is we do not do .

※ H scene after clearing is being created.It is planned to be added by an update in the future.

2019/11/27 Ver 1.2 published
- Fixed a bug in CASE 2 that prevented progress depending on the investigation procedure.

- In CASE 4, a bug was reported that the menu screen could not be opened in the event to track the fugitive criminal, and it could not proceed.
 Because the cause is not known, when a bug occurs, we created a different route that the game progresses by talking to the character at the bottom left of the screen.

- Other typos, display errors, and inconsistencies have been corrected.

2019/11/22 Ver 1.1 published
- In CASE 3, when you enter Assistant Professor Mizuno's room without a specific evidence, you can not move the map, and you can not proceed.
 If it has already become impossible to progress, it will be eliminated by moving from the down stairs at the left end of the corridor map.

- In CASE 2, fixed a bug that the operation character is not displayed when the selection is advanced in a specific order during the 1st verification.
 If a bug has already occurred, it will be automatically eliminated if you proceed with the game as it is.

- Other, typos, I have corrected the display error.

2019/11/21 Game published Ver notation none

※ When overwriting, so that the save data does not disappear、
 Please be careful not to delete the data in the www folder and save folder.

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