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Adeptussteve - Wild Life [Build 2020.11.20] (x64) (2020) (Eng) [Unreal Engine]

Year of manufacture: 2020
Genre: 3D, Action, Animation, SLG, Multi heroes, Female heroin, Blowjob, Titsjob, Straight, Anal, Doggystyle, Cowgirlstyle
Censorship: No
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Build 2020.11.20
Language of the game (story): English
Language: English
Language of voice: English

We live in a mad universe ... indescribably vast ... full of wonders ... and terrors. And amidst all the chaos, sometimes things even turn out .. sexy!
Play as one of many possible characters, female, male *, or creature * and fight and fuck your way through a wild experience.
Our story plays on a small and rather unknown planet called K'apal. Only few civilized humans have ever ventured here, some miners, guilds to claim, precious minerals that can be found here, scientists studying the natives and the flora and fauna. And also raiders and poachers trying to make a fortune selling rare creatures to rich and eccentric collectors and off-world beast arenas.
* coming later once funding allows for development

Build 2020.11.20

• Resolved a case where the camera could glitch underground while in poser or intercourse
• Resolved textures not fully loading in
• Resolved AI’s not losing aggro when player flies away
• Various animation improvements
• Resolved Maya not having footstep sounds
Known Issues:
• Jungle Trees in Fisher Village have no collision
• Wrong camera angles in dialogue with sitting or lying NPCs
• Pants sometimes disappear when entering sexytime
• Added about 100 new animations, see the full list here
• Added new character: Gunjar the chief of the Fisher Village
• Added new character: Karra the tiger lady
• Added Fisher Village level where our demo will take place
• Added new outfit system for mixing and matching clothes
• Added tan lines to character customization
• Added checkboxes to enable/disable character physics in the character poser
• Added arrow key binds to change brightness in showroom
• Maya uses the new animation system with various improvements
• Many NPCs have routines now
• Improved physics handling for futa accessory
• Resolved cinematic and dialogue camera letterboxes for ultrawide resolutions
• Resolved beds not advancing time

Build 2019.10.18

-Big efforts to improve performance, Improved LODs, streamlined materials, set up Level Streaming, etc.
-Added new character: Tali (female minotaur)
-Kral shouldn’t get stuck in his tent anymore
-Changed combat: Left mouse: attack, left mouse hold: heavy attack, right mouse: block/parry
-Implemented a better Loading Screen
-Improved the Quest Line
-New Sex Anims: ZuriXDjablo, KralXKiraXZuri, MayaX2Minotaurs, YasonXMaya, BolXZuri, TaliXMax, TaliXMinotaur
-Added 20 of missing Anal/Vaginal Variations

Known Issues:
-You can still suddenly die when jumping or running at certain areas and situations
-If you don’t give Chakkar the fight he was promised, he will start to go rampage in town
-Player lips don’t move during voiced dialogues
-Hyena combat still has a few bugs
-Landscape collision and floating meshes are still an issue

Build 2019.09.13

-New sex animations
-First implementation of a quest line with several parts
-Added a few generic tribal characters and kerpali variations
-More combat related features
-New environment effects
-Blocking/Parrying added to combat
-Alpha Hyena (Relevant for quest line)
-Idle characters in the world
-New sounds
-Hyena kill counter (visible when you die)
-New tribal characters (available in the spawn menu)
-Loot containers
-Lipsync for spoken lines
-“Region entered” notifications
-Boss healthbar
-This “What’s new?” Screen

-Big redesign of the Kerpali village along with improvements to models and textures
-Dialogue system overhaul
-HUD overhaul
-Combat improvements
-Water reflects sky correctly now
-Climbing improved
-AI improved
-Combat VFX improved

Known issues:
-We currently have a serious performance problem in this build
-Frame stutter when you first load up the map due to streaming issues
-Tribal males lacking clothed pose for their genitals
-Dialogue camera sometimes not aligned with the character
-Faces and poses sometimes don’t work correctly in dialogue
-Sometimes characters don’t face each other during dialogue
-Sometimes characters fail to get to their destination
-Sometimes characters have a slight height offset during sex
-Tribal males hair doesn’t look as intended

Build 2019.07.19 #4
Added more sex animations: Shey X 2Goatmen, Minotaur X 2Girls, Lesbian Fisting+Climax, Max x Maya Doggy, Max x Shey+Jadeen
Added an equippable torch (check quick access items on the left)
Updated lighting from torches and fire
Improved Cave Interiors
Detailed the ruined sci-fi ring Artifact
Fixed character collision radius and increased group-sex-gather distance (MMMMMMF is back on the menu boys!)
Added Auroras to the night sky
Characters should now be able to follow more reliable and get stuck less often
Multiple smaller fixes to sex animations
Added an “eating” animation when consuming a healing potion
Added Keys to go through progressive sex states (R and T keys, check inputs)
Added underwater look for still waters (for ocean and rivers these will follow in the next releases)
Reworked collisions for several areas of the Kerpali village
Updated character butthole textures (should be more visible now)
Some balancing changes and bug fixes in combat (please test these and continue to give feedback ?
Updated blood effects
added shore sand to oasis area
Various little fixes and tweaks

Build 2019.03.12

Added the Tentacle-dude as interactable Character near the fireplace (Patreon exclusive)
Character Customization now has basic save/load functionality
Added new animations:

Shey & Djablo
Zuri & Kral
Shey & Max
Bol & Maya (doggy hole variations)
Bol & Maya & Yason (2 threesome poses)
Shey & Rawn
Shey & Tentacles
Maya & Tentacles
Other changes:

Added undress-all characters button (Alt+N)
Depth of Field settings have been changed. Focal range is now much longer.
Shey is now in front of the airship
Edited Male characters “crown jewels” physics – they shouldn’t break that easily anymore.
Fixed Serenia hair clipping for different hair styles
Added slight influence to lower legs when changing thigh thickness
Still missing:

Solo animations with toy (this turns out to be a bit of a bigger task so it will probably be added to the next version after this one)
Download Keep2share (
For PC
Size: 5840

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