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Sirensdomain - Town of Passion [ Version 2.3.2 Beta ] (2020) (Eng) Update

Year of manufacture: 2020
Genre: 2DCG, Animated, Hardcore, Exploration, Puzzle, Oral Sex, Handjob
Censorship: None
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version 2.3.2 Beta
Language of game: English
Language: English

Town of Passion is an adventure styled RPG, where you play as a common villager living in the small town of Valencia; a town full of many secrets. After stumbling into an unknown realm, the villager learns that there's an important role for him to fulfill.
The game is a mix of Relationship Building, Exploration, Training, and Puzzles!

2.1.1 Changelog

-Fixed issue where Mary's costume change would cause player to get stuck

2.1.2 Changelog
-Added costume support for Mary/Rose ZR outfits
-Added bonus ZR costume paizuri scene back at Rose's house
-Minor tweaks/fixes

Version 1.7.2 Beta

In general, this update is a bit shorter than what I strive to aim for mostly because I wanted to get back on schedule (release slightly early) and I was trying to get art stuff sorted out behind the scenes. Keep that in mind while playing!
Everything is moving steadily along now so the last couple of updates should return to the typical amount of content, if not, more! The artists are already heavy at work with some of the endgame content and I can't wait to share it with you all! Thank you so much for being part of this journey <3
That's about all for now. Thank you so much for supporting and I will see you guys soon enough with the next update for Town of Passion!

1.4 Changelog
Scenes Added:
Haru & Akane BJ
Mary & Evelynn Sex
Costumes Added:
MC Swimtrunks
Evelynn Bikini
Mary Bikini
Haru Bikini
Akane Bikini
Red Bunny Sailor Outfit
Sprite/Overworld Scenes:
16 Summer 1on1 + 3some variations
Octo Girl TF (another variation coming soon)
Sprite Updates:
Bunny Girls
Main Villain (lust cutscene)
- Update Overview -
This update focuses almost entirely on the new seasonal event; Bosom Beach! Take a stroll through Evelynn's new beach resort as she
hires you to be the perfect host! You'll have to make sure you provide an absolutely phenomenal experience to all of the resort
guests by interacting with them! It should be an easy job... right?
NOTE: I have added an NPC outside of your house temporarily. This NPC will allow you to experience the
new event without needing to replay through the game. In the next major build, I will remove this NPC.
- New Overworld Ability -
In order to start this event as well as progress in an upcoming build, the reward for Level 3 Passion is now available. Goddess
Dive will cause strange whirlpool's to appear all around Valencia that allow you to dive underwater and access hidden areas.
This should help give you a hint on how to start the event!

1.3.4 Changelog
Adjusted Haru Sex scene (should stop the black screen issue from affecting some players)
Fixed Akane's spring minigame
- Misc -
-Other misc changes/improvements

- Adjusted Pre Load techniques -
A common error that some players were having was a 'null width' error. After some experiments, I believe I found the cause of it.
The method I was using to pre load scenes in order to have them load smoothly was causing the game to crash if they didn't pre load fully before being 'erased'. I made some adjustments to the player, now scenes with one animation do not have a pre load at all.
Scenes with two unique animations have one pre load and the time was extended.
The issue may still persist for some so I will keep an eye out for crash reports to make further adjustments.
- Misc -
-Haru now has a night time spawn after talking to her once
-Other misc changes/improvements

1.3 Changelog
Scenes Added:
Haru Titfuck
Haru Sex
Rose Cat FJ (echo)

Remastered Scene:
Rose FJ

Profile Scenes:
MC/Haru Kiss

Sprite/Overworld Scenes:
Snake Girl Handjob/Smother
Bat Girl Sex
Spider Girl Sex
Spider Girl Anal

Voice Work:

– Update Overview –
This update is focused on adding Haru’s story to Town of Passion! The younger of the two ninja sisters is ready to help do her part
in training you. Can she rise above her nerves and succeed in her teachings? You’ll have to play to find out!

– Exploration –
I added some new areas to explore in this build. There’s a new cave in Valencia Coast that can be explored however it is NOT
intended on being finished yet. The main purpose(s) of the cave will be completed in a later build. However, there is a very
important bit of lore to a particular character that is already available there. If you’re a fan of that sort of thing, you may
find exploring it to be worthwhile!

There is also a new cave in the Haunted Forest that pertains to a new side quest.

– Misc –
-Added autosave prompt on first sleep attempt (autosave can be toggled with ‘Autosave’ at password rock
-Adjusted visuals for breakable walls for more clarity
-Added in lore bits to some various areas of Valencia
-Other misc changes/improvements

v.1.0.1 Beta
Changelog: "There were a number of small glitches reported during the 1.0 testing so hopefully those have all been addressed and properly fixed now."

1.0 Changelog
Scenes added:
Tana Sex
Goo Queen Sex
Echo Scenes:
Minerva TF
Revamped Scene:
Mary Bath HJ
Sprite/Overworld Scenes:
Green Goo Girl BJ
Pink Goo Girl Sex
Blue Goo Girl Sex
Orange Goo Girl Sex (x2)
Raylene Bar Grind/Tease (only during her story currently)
Rose Lingerie Tease
Minerva Smother
Sprite Revamps:
Rose Lingerie
Rose Spring
Rose Halloween
Mary Spring
- Passion storyline -
The bulk of this update! Minerva's story early on has been tweaked and her fountain now acts as a point to continue the Passion-side
of the story progression. If your passion lvl is 1+, you can begin the quest line immediately.
- Emerald Fragment -
The area south of your house has been slightly adjusted and the Emerald Fragment is now obtainable through there. It is STILL also
obtainable through Mary's story so whichever one you do first is where you obtain it.
- Goo Girl Combat -
The Goo Girl missions and combat have been completely reworked. You now get access to a slingshot and can buy slingshot pellets in
Evelynn's store to help survive against goo girls. Goo Girl interaction has been drastically changed and improved to allow for a
more exciting and dynamic play style similar to Zombie's Retreat.
- Tana/Item Changes -
If you received the Goddess Scythe from Tana in a previous version of the game, it's been replaced. Now you receive the ABILITY to
cut down dense vines from someone else. (Hint, follow the passion storyline that's been added in this build).
Tana's story and starting dialogue has also been adjusted a little bit to reflect these changes and more.
- Fast Travel -
The fountain in the center of Valencia can now be used as a fast travel point! There are only a couple of places that you can warp
to currently, however, most far away places will have this new convenient access point once you've discovered the location.
Because of save transfers and early content being adjusted, you may have to re-travel to locations in order to unlock this feature.
- Quest Log -
Mary's story now has quest log support. Her story has some more tricky requirements so this should help new playes not get
stuck so easily. If you've already completed any of the quests in particular, you will not be able to see them in the quest log
unless you start a new save.
- Cheat Room -> Theater -
I've made changes to how the cheat room is accessed. Instead of through cheat codes, it's now in the Bunny Manor as a bonus unlock.
Originally I intended on the cheat room to be a secret but I like the idea of making it a more obvious gameplay bonus instead.
- Misc -
-Passion and Lust levels show up on stats screen
-Fixed Mary's nickname in dialogue to be more accurate in any naming situation
-If you have complete Tana's first mission in a previous update, that progress needs to be redone in order to keep a fairly normal
story progression
-Rose can gift Mary's costume in more locations
-Can now remain seated and continue time advacement at the dinner table
-Other misc changes/improvements

Changelog Version 0.9.91 Beta :
Bust Added:
Scenes Added:
Auri HJ
Mary – Bunny Sex
Profile Scene Added:
Auri Kiss
== Auri ==
The bulk of this mini update! I’ve worked close with ProfessorF to include a crossover side quest involving one of his OC’s, Auri.
Learn more about her hobbies and unique interests in a side quest with her! In order to start it, try searching around the
south east area in the Haunted Woods.
== First ‘Echo’ Scene ==
A common request is for older costumes and characters to get new scenes. In order to stay on track with developing new content,
there will occasionally be older scenes/poses that are reused to include other costumes/characters. Echo scenes will not become
the norm for new content but will help add even more than what was previously possible. For this one, try interacting with
Mary when she’s in her Bunny outfit!
== Purple Boundary ==
The purple boundary has been updated to require it’s own stone before using the door. In order to keep the boundaries consistent,
each of the 4 requires a unique colored stone to open. Curious where to find the stone? Check out the well nearby.
== Misc ==
-Fixed wall clipping in Grockian Temple
-Fixed some incorrect naming
-Keyboard name input removed in order to fix issue of custom keybindings getting reset
-Other misc changes/improvements

Beta 0.8
New Bust:
Scenes added:
Raylene BJ
Raylene Reverse Ride
Raylene Bar Grind-Sex (now accessible)
Scenes remastered:
Raylene HJ
Raylene - Latex
Profile Scenes:
Raylene Kiss
== Raylene ==
The bulk of this update! Enjoy finally getting Raylene's 3-heart's completed for her main questline! The original contents of her story have been slightly tweaked as well including her first scene getting 'remastered' with a higher frame rate and more animated details!

Changelog Version 0.7.3
This fixes the issues preventing progressing in Halloween Horror! and a certain puzzle in Rose's story line. Haru's bust is also in here in a very specific place so if you're curious you can find that.
If you still find anything wrong in the build, please let me know. Because of the time, I may wait until 0.8 for fixes unless it's game breaking.

Changelog:​ v0.7
New Bust:
Scenes added:
MC/Mom/Rose Blowjob
Minerva Fuck
Minerva – Spring Goddess
Mom – Joyful Bunny
Rose – Seductive Bunny
Profile Scenes:
Mom Bunny Kiss
Rose Bunny Kiss
== Salacious Sakura (Book of Tales) ==

-Fixed possible Aunt Rose sequence break.
If your save file was affected, step outside in Valencia and it should automatically be fixed!

0.5.6 Changelog
Mom Christmas Sex
== Misc ==
-Fixed issue causing Mom Halloween scenes to crash game
-Added repeat scene dialogue for Tana's TF
-Added panning scene to first bathtub busted scene
-Fixed Mom TJ audio
-Other small misc fixes
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Size: 1008

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