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Dystopianproject - Claire's Quest [Version 0.21.2] (2020) (Eng) Update

Released: 2020
Version 0.21.2
Genre: Rpg, Adventure, Femal Protagonist, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Big Ass, Blonde, All Sex, Blowjob, Anal, Groped, Forced, Bdsm, Interracial, Torture, Humal, Old Man, Monsters, Fantasy, Warrior,
Censorship: None
Publication Type: License
Platform: PC / Windows
Language of game: English
Language: English
Language of voice: English
Tabletka: not required
Platform: RPG MV

Claire’s Quest a highly-interactive, non-linear adult RPG, set in a dark fantasy setting inspired by the early Renaissance and made using RPGMaker MV. Unlike the majority of RPGMaker games out there, however, this game is totally devoid of any form of combat or grinding.
We wanted to toy with a stereotypical fantasy RPG setting – but instead of the player controlling a hero, or an adventurer, or anyone with any kind of outright power to change the world… we instead put the player in the shoes of the titular Claire – a naive, desperate refugee fleeing a terrible war that has taken everything she has ever known from her. Claire is thrust into a world without innocence, where the very worst of humanity and all its societal evils are on full display. She seems doomed to meet with a dark fate – but you can fight to prove otherwise…
… or, you can force her to succumb to her base desires.
In Claire’s Quest, we really wanted to convey to the player that their choices really do matter. Every decision you make will have consequences – and not just small consequences, either. Your every decision could drastically alters the way your adventure plays out. That beggar you helped way back then on a whim… becomes the difference between success or failure, freedom or enslavement, and even life… or death. Every single playthrough could turn out completely differently.
So how will Claire fare in this dystopian world she finds herself in?
With your choices, you’ll decide.

Version 0.18.3

Version 0.17.5

* Added the Rumbling Pass area. No access to Narfu yet.

* You can now complete “The Iron Trade”, the first Mercenary quest. It has been rewritten a bit to symbolize how Claire could envision joining them.

* Added the Rockbeast, a monster roaming the Rumbling Pass. Comes with a brand-new scene!

* Updated the Menagerie with Manticore and Rockbeast.

* Entering Fat Jack’s Seaside Cottage post-Thieves quest results in you getting stuck in a dead-end dev zone. Fixed!

* After the Meat Pit rescue, an additional quest, “New Beginnings”, becomes available. It is dormant until the post-Fat Jack’s quest (Thieves), at which point Natalie will inform you that the Seaside Cottage has been appropriated for use as a shelter for the rescued girls (and Aster). Quest stops there but I decided to put it in there early because of the previous mentioned bug.

* Added Gale to Beth’s backstory.

* “Hole in the Ground” quest now correctly shuts down the thugs fleecing you in Undercity East. They also disappear automatically with any other route into the Meat Pit. It also concludes properly once Natalie is rescued via Quest Log.

* Minor detail – Fat Jack’s imprisonment should work as intended now. He was in there too early before.

* Monsters able to move in for an attack while Claire is caught in a dialogue box. Fixed by freezing them in place until dialogue ends (ie. when picking up Tigerlily).

* Tigerlily actually fixed from 0.17.4 onwards; however, if you tried the quest in 0.17.3, it flipped a now-nonexistent switch which derails quest progression completely. I tried to fix this in 0.17.5, see if it works; if not, you’ll need to restart to get the quest to work right. It’s not an important quest so, big no consequence for just skipping it.

* Pissplay scene not playing if Seduction check fails in the Rusty Shield’s basement. Fixed.

* Fixed the completely fucked-up quest progression in “Good Smith, Bad Smith”; the Quest Log indicators were -1 behind the actual progression.

* Removed an exploit where you can escape on rowboat in “Insuring Justice” without finding Aster first.

* Missing fadein added to the thugs in Fat Jack’s (when using Defiance check).

* Added missing tint in Fat Jack’s house when hiding in the basement

* New music added to “wilderness” areas in Rathpike.

* Manticore sprite orientation fixed (left and right were switched).

* Cheats to add money raised to 5 digits.

Changelog 0.17.2:
* Bullpen added to Chemont Town; there is also a Job Quest linking Stables to Bullpen, but it won’t activate for saved games. The entire thing is still doable, but it just won’t register on the journal if you’re using a saved game.

* New “milking” scene available in Bullpen.

* New “mating” scene available in Bullpen.

* Kennels job can now be advanced slightly, provided you completed Wolves At The Door (Rangers) and did the regular dog-walking job before.

* Evie added to Chemont Town, with Bullpen encounter

* Isobelle added to Chemont Town, with post-Stables encounter

* New dog sprite added

* New ghost sprite added

* Leftover BGS when learning lockpicking fixed

* Tile issues in Fallwater fixed

* Mouse-hovering issue in interactive travel map fixed

* Marker doesn’t disappear for Concerned Kin quest when entering the refugee camp in Hookton – fixed

* Quest progression and Prologue master switch missing when leaving Prologue – fixed

* Thieves introduction quest refers to Chad without introduction – fixed

* Missing an erase event in the pub basement pissplay scene – fixed

* Street whoring sends you to rooftop by accident with certain instances – fixed

** Marker doesn’t disappear during CG scenes – aware of issue, but still figuring out solution

CHANGELOG (0.17.1)
* The city of Rathpike has been fully overhauled, and is now in-game. This includes portraits, maps, sprites, and much, much more kudos to Ars. Most areas, old scenes, and quests are present. Old scenes that are now back and accessible include the two brothel scenes, the anal scene in the inn, the three Meat Pit scenes, and the stalker attack on a drunken Claire leaving the pub.

* New scene added to the warehouse (part of Thieves questline) - handjob can be given to the foreman.

* New scene and mini-faction added to the Undercity, the Urchins who can be encountered in Undercity West.

* New pissplay scene in the pub basement (Rusty Shield).

* Anal scene from the inn made easier to unlock; now only continued temptation (x3 times during the cleaning job) is required to trigger.

* Quest indicator system experimentally added to the Prologue area for player testing. They simply denote where quests are with a floating exclamation marker, and disappear as soon as player activates the quest.

* UI has been integrated with outfits; the UI portrait now changes depending on if Claire is wearing a specific outfit.

* Interactive map added to the world travel system. Travel between Valos and Rathpike now possible.

* Prologue routes have been changed, quite extensively; Grey can now drop you at either Rathpike or Valos as a free woman; Shady Sailor's actions now send you to the Meat Pit or lead you to Rathpike as a free woman.

* Item iconset has been changed extensively, featuring a new high-quality set, with many custom ones done just for Claire's Quest by Nikki. Many redundant items (ie. Lingerie, which only appears once and never gets used again) also removed, replaced with new items.

* Meat Pit encounter can now occur in the Undercity (East), provided this route is not activated via Shady Sailor. This is linked to a new "debt" questline in Rathpike can occur, barring Claire from travel out of the city until repaid; this debt can be defiantly rejected, which results in Claire being sent to the Meat Pit instead.

* Restaurant in Valos sells a full hunger restore meal on the spot rather than selling an item dish.

* Costume room added to the Gallery; the costumes are cosmetic only, for players who requested being able to change their outfits on whim. They do not affect gameplay directly.

* Patreon link added to title screen.

* Temporary Tigerlily in the Wash area, to be removed after Badlands returns.

* Increased speed when in Gallery so it's easier to run to scenes you want to see. Speed decreases back to normal upon leaving Gallery.

* After Meat Pit ends, it no longer leads to a potential questline in Sorraine.

* "Life Is A Cabaret" questline fixed up, should no longer block progression and complete as intended.

* New BGM tracks added, but not widely propagated yet; one in Brabannois Club, one in the Casino.

* Fixed erroneous description for Dog Walker quest.

Changelog 0.16.6:
* Brabannois Club now accessible in Valos Inner City. A quest has been added, toying with the costume-changing system with multiple variations based off the CG scenes.
* Kennels and accompanying scene moved over to Chemont Town from Rathpike alongside Stables, to match with the ranching theme. Breeding Papers progression now added to Stables, in anticipation for future ranch content. Chemont Town accordingly expanded.
* Gypsy Elder now sells attribute-raising feathers.
* Bugged access into Fort Amberley from Hookton removed.

0.16.5 LOG:
* Added the fourth quest in the Ranger line, "Hunt Or Be Hunted", with new scene and accompanying CG.
* Statu effects edited. Having 0 Energy now stops Claire from dashing rather than slowing her down. Will re-enable as soon as Energy goes above 0.
* Moved Mountain Lions to the Deep.
* Added the Deep to Brugginwood mapset. Currently Brugginwood -> Neck -> Thick -> Deep.
* Fixed issue with wolves not erasing after encounters.
* Aphrodisiac not consumed in Fairfelt endgame.
* Haunted house tint isn't removed upon leaving; fixed
* Cockthulu's cave tint isn't removed upon leaving; fixed
* Vane quest not marking as complete on conclusion fixed
* Servant of Phantasm missing Hunger/Morale boost added

Changelog 0.16.4b:
* Added a fast travel system to Valos to address complaints that the map is too hard to navigate.
* Credits room added back to the Gallery.
* Disabled the new drunk and exhausted update due to complaints the slow speed makes it unplayable. Going to tweak the script a bit.
* Fixed the Broken Stone Tablet not being usable from the Menu (Call Of The Deep quest).
* Some tile access issues in Fallwater corrected.

Changelog 0.16.3:
Ranger questline has been added to the overhaul. Goes up to the encounter with the wolves for now! (Boar & Bramble -> For Pride’s Sake -> Wolves At The Door)
Heatherly quest added to the quest journal, and several progression bugs fixed.
Hostile, roaming wild animals added to Brugginwood, making it as dangerous as it was originally intended to be. Wolves in the Neck, and Mountain Lions in the Thick.
Book formatting altered. Book content compressed. Several removed, some new ones added. Content altered as well.
Added a new UI quirk! Claire getting drunk actively changes the UI portrait and has a text flavour when it triggers and when it wears off.
Tweaked the UI so that if one or more attributes are equal, it switches to “neutral” Claire, while if one attribute is dominant over others, it switches to that attribute’s portrait.
Fixed the quest journal failing to register taking the alternate payment option at the checkpoint (40 silvers instead of 50).
Call Of The Deep quest not marking as complete fixed.
A Grudge From Beyond quest description being complete after Gravekeeper (by mistake) fixed.
Fixed Gilly’s Hut still being accessible after (Lunge -> Release Her) route taken.
Fixed the sidequest notification popping up when Marie’s Ring is found even if the quest is not yet active.
Fixed the groping scene in the Hilltop Inn not being added to Gallery after encountering.
Some minor text details corrected in the Refugee Camp groping scene, guards at the checkpoint, etc. Too many small corrections to list out.
Dialogue changed at customs office if guards were insulted instead of paid off.
Fixed two more of the Baker’s Boy teleport glitch; should hopefully be fully gone now.
Fixed bug with second encounter at the stables in Hookton not giving yes/no choice
Bug where you can both buy the necklace off Hamley and rob it off him has been altered so that you can only do one.
Wrong job details in “Housekeeping” fixed.

The main priority is for players to work through the Valos-exclusive quests and scenes! In particular, do explore the Cup and Trotter in the Outer City where a lot of sidequests are focused, and do try explore the newly-remodeled Chemont Town and Gypsy Camp!
All routes leading out of the Prologue currently lead to Valos instead of Rathpike (if that's where they should've led originally!)
Essentially, this version remodels all of Valos in its entirety, and adds many new scenes while adding CG to previous ones.
Overhaul Demo
- Claire's blowjob scene in Hookton (COMPLETED!)/REMAKE
- Claire attacked by a Rockbeast (COMPLETED!)
- Claire attacked by a Kraken (COMPLETED!)
- Claire attacked by Mountain Lion (COMPLETED!)
- Claire groped by pubgoer in Hookton (COMPLETED!)
- Claire gangbang by bar patrons (LINES ONLY)
- Claire is attacked by a thug in Fat Jack's house (IN PROGRESS)
- Warehouse orgy scene in Rathpike (IN PROGRESS)
- Claire encounters a plutocrat in Valos (IN PROGRESS)


* A new quest has been added to the Sisters of Fertility questline. Features futa, so be warned if that's not your thing.
* The final Meat Pit scene, the "Stage", now has its CG set in place. Text was quite heavily rewritten.
* The Fairfelt questline with Lawrence now has the CG set in place for the fondling session - second in line after the initial enslavement scene.
* The Ghost encounters in Valos now have their accompanying CG sets; these feature non-penetrative scenes as part of our attempt to include more of these.
* Boar now has accompanying CG set, with a variation for Roxanne.
* Temple Gardens mapset added.

* Several typos, pathing issues, and mapping issues, too many and too minor to list individually, have been corrected.
* Major bug that killed the Ranger questline by preventing the Herb Pouch from being emptied after Boar attacks you was fixed.
* Missing effects when walking in and out of the Temple of Fertility corrected.
* Last of the Pigboss repetition lines fixed, hopefully.
* The Mountain Lion in the Ranger questline does not interact after catching Claire; fixed.

Full changelog below! Spoilers may follow!

* Valos Inner City added.
* Gaelan's Landing added.
* Chemont Town added.
* Brugginwood maps expanded.
* Library maps added (Valos Outer City).
* Bathhouse added (Valos Inner City).
* Heatherly Manor added (Valos Inner City).
* Amory/Barracks added (Valos Inner City).
* Antediluvian Ruins added (Brugginwood)
* Vane Mansion added (Valos Countryside).
* Horse bestiality scenes in Rathpike stables have been modified to have two stages, one blowjob, and one penetration.
* CG added to the horse blowjob scene.
* CG added to the spanking scene in Valos (Outer City) restaurant.
* Futa deepthroat scene (with new CG!) available in bathhouse.
* Added new pre-game sequence, with new Dystopian Project logo
* New questline: Help the refugees in Valos
* New questline: Find the missing lady of House Heatherly
* Credits room added, now accessible from menu. Shows all staff who contributed + higher-tier patrons.
* Added Menagerie to the Gallery; Slime can be purchased
* Added follow-up consequences to Clingy/Angry Plutocrat questline (first encountered in Pub, Valos Outer City).
* The building for the restaurant in Valos Outer City has been changed (swapped with library)
* New custom borders
* New music track - "Wild Places" - available in all wilderness areas (usually outside the major settlements) where monsters may lurk.
* New music track "Rising Terror" - available in all 'struggle' or non-consensual scenes.
* Shuffled around some buildings, decorations, etc; too many minor changes across the game to list them all piecemeal.
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