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Luxee - PARENTAL LOVE [Version 1.0] (2020) (ENG) Update

Year of issue: 2020
Genre: Visual Novel, Date-Sim, Erotic Adventure, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Beautiful Ass, Doggystyle, Hardcore Sex, Family Sex, Father-Daughter, Seduction, Voyeur
Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to delete
Platform: PC / Windows / MacOS / Android
Type of publication: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version 1.0
Language of the game: English -
Interface language: English -

In Parental love, you take on the role of a father of two who had fallen out with his wife Iris. Due to your cocaine addiction, a while after your second daughter, Ada was born, Iris thought it best you not be around your kids.
You two went through a break up and the court ruled her sole custody of your children
It's been fif years since then and you've gone to multiple rehab programs. Now that you are clean of drugs, you decided to start dating Iris once again. The relationship was online for many months because you live in different states, but now you've decided to visit Iris in Ohio. The game starts when you first meet her in a bar.

Version 1.0

Made the fifth and final route of the game
Added Brazilian Portuguese translation for all of the game (thanks grubb)
Minor fixes in dialogue
Changed Madison name to Bluehair Mcblueyface
Remade a few of the ESPECIALLY bad renders from when I started using Octane (img3036/img4505/img3531/img3682)
Added achievements to the game and an achievements menu
Made old saves not show up (purposefully because old saves also just wouldn’t work with this version [very well]) / Sidenote: you can go to %APPDATA%/Roaming/RenPy/ParentalLove-1492770962 and delete this folder now as those saves are dead.
Removed version numbers from main menu
Removed the Spanish translation
Heightened the quality of a few renders that I’d previously compressed a bit too much
Added day 8 massage parlor extra scene
Fixed a couple bugs and consistency errors
Removed option to not tell Sofi about Jenna relationship during shopping in day 3, as Sofi needs to know about their relationship at the start of day 8 and I’m too lazy to write in a revelation scene otherwise
Changed the 12 year gap of MC not seeing Emily to 9 years
Changed the characters ages accordingly
Added several new lines to indicate these ages
Removed all lewd Sofi scenes
Added day 3(?) extra wake up scene
Changed/clarified the relationship between Jenna/Damien during scenes where it’s being talked about
Removed the patreon link from the about page and the main menu
Added a new link to main menu in patreon links’ stead

Changelog v0.13:
Re-re-did the 0.1 renders I re-did in like version zero point something whatever. (the ones at the start)
Finished up the forbidden one route
Added Brazilian Portuguese translation for all of the game (thanks grubb)
Minor fixes in dialogue
Fixed the jump bug from 0.12
Added new gui element to main menu

IMPORTANT: This update only focuses on “The forbidden one” route. Not the Harem route. This update also completely finishes up that route, so now all we’ve got left is the Harem one

Changelog 0.11:
Added last half of day 8 and more to harem route
Added Brazilian Portuguese translation for half of day 8
Removed one option from near the end of day 3
Minor fixes in dialogue from day 8

Changelog 0.10:
Added half of day 8 for harem route
Added ending to Elly route
Added Brazilian Portuguese translation for all of Elly route
Added an experimental Spanish translation to the game (Not necessarily going to be continued)
Re-rendered a few renders from the start of day 1
Re-wrote a few lines from the start of day 1

Changelog 0.9.1:

Fixed the fixing of the end of harem day 7 pregnancy talk
Fixed the end of day 7 harem route jumping to “d8start” (That’s what I get for working on updates before the last one is finished)
Re-rendered an image where Elly ran out of the room so fast her hair changed back in time from blonde to red in a matter of seconds

Version 0.7 Fix Changelog:
Fixes saves and Hardcore Patch
Version 0.7 Changelog:

-Added day 6 for the last route (Emily)
-Further improved the save system (Thanks the66)
-Fixed some crashing bugs related to loading old saves
-Re did some old bad renders
-Added Brazilian Portuguese translation for the entirety of day 6 (Thanks Grubb)
-Corrected mistakes in the Brazilian translation (Thanks Grubb lol)
-Fixed quite a few gramar errors (Thanks Grubb :)
-Changed the name Rowan to Damien
-Removed choice at the end of day 6 to either sleep with Elly or not

Added day 6 for two routes (Harem and Elly)
Added a Brazilian Portuguese translation for days 1-5 (thanks Grubb)
Replaced some old renders with new ones
Fixed up a few older scenes
Scene gallery now works (Still not done - Scenes missing)
Changed the time the game takes place in (lore wise)
Hammered out a shit ton of typos and awkward sentences (thanks Whodafook)
Main menu UI changes (thanks Y7)
UI Changes
Saves can now be named (Thanks the66)
Made it so character names can now be changed through the console. Due to this change, dialogue for returning players is almost entirely unskippable by default
Added back the option to preferences menu to skip unread messages as well
The russian translation is still largely broken
Character name changing:
Step 1: Open console, press Shift+O while in game
Step 2: Write: i = "EmilyNewName"
Step 3: Press enter and exit the console
(i = Emily, e = Elly, a = Ada, j = Jenna, s = Sofi)

Added day 5
Main menu UI changes
Removed any content showing Ada in a sexual light
Changed the backstory to fit Patreon's new guidelines
Added a scene gallery (Work in progress. Doesn't work yet, because I'm lazy)
In game UI changes
Extended the Elly x Jenna bathroom sex scene from day 4
Fixed a route where you don't deny Elly but she also hasn't confessed her love to you by the start of day 4. This previously led to a very weird scene at the start of day 4 that made no contextual sense
Massive changes in dialogue to previous days
The russian translation is largely broken at this point due to the script being almost entirely re-written.
Happy belated birthday strewberry


-Added Day 4
-Slight changes in dialogue to previous days
-Various bug fixes
Download Keep2share (
For PC
Size: 1600

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Mehreen от 15 June 2018 06:47
I want parental love update 0.6 free in android phone
Johnnyappleseed от 26 September 2019 14:27
Quote: Mehreen
I want parental love update 0.6 free in android phone
Wow this game is nice
Wow this game is nice от 5 October 2019 00:57
This game is nice and it is for 18+ only.....hehehehe

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