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Switch - Venture Seas ( Royal Summons) Update

Genre: ADV, Adventure, Big breasts, Big tits, Pirates, Visual novel, Adult
Censorship: No
Language : English

The story will be largely driven by player decisions, with each story and conversation scene presented in the form of a classic Visual Novel.
Relationships between the player and other many characters in the game will be affected by the players choices and actions, of which govern a graph ranging from attraction to disgust on one axis, and respect to disrespect on another. This will allow for friendships to be formed as opposed to sexual relationships, as well as dislike and disgust if a character grows to loathe you.
A variety of fetishes will be present, but none of which are mandatory to experience. There will be many NPCs of varying sexualities and genders to meet and romance, from femboy traps to demonic succubi.
Full mod support is also being implmented from the beginning allowing for community content (quests, alternative fetish scenes, etc)

Alpha 5.9.6 (part 2 - October final build)
Added new world map artwork
Autosaving and save slots system (9 slots + autosave slot)
Game will autosave at save prompts, and when visiting the journey map
New paperdoll parts and edits to improve masculine characters
[neck] part (thicker for masculine) and [top_back] (to support neck changes)
New hairstyle [Roguish], new [Medium] hairstyle, (renamed old medium style)
new top [Crew Shirt] (also renamed crew vest)
New body hair system and parts forearms, thighs and chest
New pubic hair system
New beards [unkempt] [guaree] [bandit] [soulful] [porter] [docker] [anchor] [wild]
Adjusted character creation process, to result in better looking starting players
Changed appearance of some pd generated characters (charina goons, townspeople…)
Added charina bandits to Jagrit boss fight crew + cleaned up bandit design
Unique sound effects for each combat action use + some extras for UI actions

Bugs / Issues
Lots of additional fixes for generated character issues
Extra validation when loading a character appearance, to prevent issues and crashes
Fixed intro crash related to character height
Fixed combat animation bugs and sound issues [/center]
Download Keep2share (
For PC
Size: 584

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