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Summertimesaga - Summertime Saga [Version 0.20.7] (2020) (Eng) Update

Year of manufacture: 2018
Genre: ADV, RPG, SLG, Ecchi, School, Big Breasts, Lactation, Oral, Voyeurism
Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Platform: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux
Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Tablet: Not required
Version 0.20.7
Language of game: English
Language: English
Voice Language: None

After his father died leaving his family, his death was suspicious and the police investigated the murder case. In addition, the father hanged a huge debt on the family from criminal personalities. So now the protagonist should take care of the family, as well as find people who killed his father, pay college and find a girl for the prom.

The people, help the council for the pumping of power.
At what point or at what frequency do you need to press the key?
Or to get one level you need to make several approaches?
Really rested, I almost broke the clave. dash1

Version 0.20.7

Version 0.20.6

New Content:
An eerie mini-route for a certain someone.
A brand new cookie jar scene with that person.
A spooky new location.
New Features:
Wait … did the moon always look like that?
A new collection of flag images for use with community translation packs.
Re-organised and trimmed down fonts directory and reviewed licenses.
Expanded font support for East Asian languages for use with translations.
Improved performance of the credits screen for low end devices.
Bug Fixes:
Fixed some minor missing punctuation issues.
Removed superfluous dialogue line from Tina’s recovery room interaction.
Fixed some minor typos in Anon’s route hints.
Restored the infamous helicopter scene so it can be repeated after the mayor’s arrest.
Added stat notifications to Iwanka’s pregnancy notification phone call.
Fixed the missing church bell closeup when viewed after dark.
Improved save migration to repair Jenny’s ability to get pregnant after her route completes.
Tweaked load sequence to attempt repair of timer seed missing in some upgraded saves.
Corrected a line of dialogue in the recovery room when Tina has has twins.
Revisited Grace & Odette’s end game interactions to have them play out as intended.
Prevented some debug menu functions from triggering Anon’s sleep-cycle.
Removed some broken and unnecessary debug menu buttons.
Ensured Anon exits to the mall parking lot (not concourse) if triggering the toilet scene after dark.
Fixed page insertion for Jenny’s diary to avoid duplicate pages showing up.
Restored Yumi’s donuts dialogue while she’s outside Debbie’s house to assist with Mia’s route.
Prevented Yumi being outside Debbie’s house from blocking Mia’s finding Harold quest.
Allowed Anon to visit the bank location at night (it’s still closed, but it looks pretty!)
Prevented Rump’s mall toilet scene occurring while he’s campaigning or in jail.
Fixed tick and sleep triggers firing before the timer had been updated, causing unwanted behaviour.
Ensured tick triggers fully fire reliably and consistently.
Restored missing sleep pop-up and unused background when Jenny stays the night.
Fixed pregnancies not being updated correctly after refusing Jenny sex the previous night.
Delayed sleep events when the player is being forced to sleep to avoid game bricks.
Repaired Connie’s outfit state if erroneously carried over from previous versions.
Removed unintentional player ability to trigger more than four ticks per day.
Curtailed player freedom following initial mugging to prevent game bricks in some scenarios.
Restored the dealership front desk in the evenings while Josie is bedridden at the hospital.
Fixed gender phrase in Melonia’s recovery room scene.
Updated Anon’s internal virginity tracking so he can be honest in the game with Eve. Again. >_>;;
Prevented Roxxy’s affection growing unchecked and breaking the game! Cold shower for you, missy!
Removed Anon’s double appendage problem during Tina’s initial naughty encounter.
Improved hinting to help players find Tina at the bank for the first time.
Ensured Grace remains in Sugar Tats after meeting Mia, even if she’d normally be upstairs.
Tweaked hints for Mia’s tattoo quest to focus on Saturday and speaking to Grace.
Stopped Eve, Grace, and Odette’s bring baby home dialogues playing while they were still bedridden.
Fixed layering on confirm screen to no longer clip play-time text when using accessibility tweaks.
Restored channel image on the living room TV after the naughty channel is unlocked.

Version 0.20.5

Main Story – Part II
New Content:
The second of three main story parts.
Five new cookie jar scenes, two with multiple variations.
Melonia and Iwanka can now be impregnated.
Three new interactive puzzles/events.
It’s now possible to access Tony & Maria’s apartment.
The bank and warehouse locations have been extended.
Bonus content for Maria and Tina.
Gameplay Touch-ups:
Ever more evening variants for existing locations, including:
Debbie’s Attic
Lifeguard Tower (Beach)
Maternity ward (Hospital Third Floor)
Updated remaining character art and posing in day one.
All outstanding old-style cutscene transitions have been updated.
Consuela’s quest line is now integrated with main story events.
Added new hint to tree on Raven’s Hill when following up on the Church bell quest.
New Features:
Introduction of multiple new VFX to aid storytelling.
Improved positional rigging on a bunch of characters, including Anon.
Removed now disused third-party python packages.
Moved over to using the built-in python logger for improved resilience.
Removed some now unnecessary preference settings.
Updated Anon’s face in some older cutscenes.
All cutscenes made translatable for language teams.
Small improvement to how minor characters are managed internally.
location lock checking has been optimised.
Expanded and refactored Cookie Jar menus to handle more characters.
Improved how save migration and recovery works.
QA together with translation teams have addressed many outstanding typos and spelling errors.
Bug Fixes:
Updated Eve’s appearance in Miss Dewitt’s cookie jar thumbnail.
Resolved visual flower pot clipping in hospital recovery room.
Moved Grace’s heavily pregnant stage to her apartment rather than the tattoo parlour.
Removed source of ssl_match_hostname errors seen by some players.
Extended the cinema’s opening hours to match those of the mall.
Fixed issue that prevented waking in Jen’s room from being considered a real wake-up.
Inserted missing background after opening certain texts from Consuela on the map.
Added missing dexterity stat popups to the Muay Thai mini-game.
Mitigated an issue where corrupted saves would prevent use of the load/save screens.
Restored the incompatible save indicator icon.
Fixed bug where in rare cases NPC location data would be incorrectly overwritten.
Ensured the correct milk delivery dialogue is played during Maria’s nursing phase.
Fixed text message system not always respecting custom character names.
Remedied source of confusion during Mia quest which would prevent easel unlock.
Standardised Okita’s serum colours in dialogue to blue and pink.
Moved Lucy’s daycare button so she no longer stands atop the room divider in the foreground.
Fixed incorrect transitions in the recovery ward for some mothers.
Ensured Mia’s quest hints are swapped for her mother’s after route-split.
Improved the final hints for both Mia and Helen’s route to reduce confusion.
Prevented Helen appearing in her bedroom and at the Church at the same time.
Switched to correct time-of-day background during Miss Ross’ sex scene.
Delayed Jenny’s ability to get pregnant until after her route completes to avoid inconsistencies.
Added missing tree to the park’s evening background.
Updated Eve in the auditorium background used during the talent show.
Turned on the tattoo parlour lights during the evening.
Resolved small clothing inconsistency in Tina’s initial sex scene.
Tweaked police lobby background with a cleaner curved wall directly opposite the camera.
Enforced gaining Erik consent before just making off with the Master Blaster. Rude!
Added missing night lock dialogue to Aqua’s home.
Fixed Miss Okita’s office chair presenting as clickable when it isn’t.
Aligned teacher office access mechanics to be more consistent.
Fixed Miss Bissette’s office chair presenting as clickable when it isn’t.
Ensured the principal’s drawer contents account for time-of-day when viewed.
Prevented experiencing the fear of waking Odette when she’s already awake.
Changed Eve’s “Hang out” dialogue to better reflect her geographical reality.
Resolved issue where it was possible to escape from Diane’s cookie jar into gameplay.
Added choice of outfit when replaying some of Diane’s cookie jar scenes.
Removed non-sequitor dialogue when speaking to Odette on a weekend evening.
Fixed clipping of Jenny’s face during the lead in to her late-night bedroom scene.
Updated character avatar art on Roxxy’s Spin the Bottle mini-game.
Fixed some home entrance dialogues that were previously not using blurred backgrounds.
Prevented early acquisition of the hospital access card which could break Roz’s route.

Change-Log v020.1::
– Improvements:
– Added a notice for when a save has been migrated, and what to expect as a result.
– Bug Fixes:
– Updated Cassie, Ross and Rump cookie jar scenes to use correct backgrounds.
– Fixed Mia and Jane’s cookie jar scenes to ensure they repeat correctly.
– Ensured achievement ping gets dismissed after viewing achievement list.
– Delayed ability to purchase beach house until after the main story intro.

Version 0.20.0

New content:
The Main Story – Part One!
Added apartment complex location.
Maria, Josephine and Tina can now be impregnated.
Expanded Bank location.
Expanded Dealership location.
New minigame.
New minor characters: Tina and Nadya.
Gameplay Touch-ups:

Improved pizza delivery minigame experience.
More detailed backgrounds and evening variants for some existing locations, including: Beach, Glazies, Library, Planet Thiccness, Police station
Dimitri and Igor character art has been updated and expanded.
Dynamic backgrounds continue to roll out, providing more focused dialogue backgrounds.
New Features:
Support for scripted phone calls to add variety to character interactions.
Reworked phone to drastically reduce CPU usage and make parts translatable.
Reimplemented the pizza delivery minigame.
Optimised for consistent play-speed and smoother frame rates.
Made delivery more consistent; aim Anon’s head at the front door.
Art has also received a touch-up and been re-exported to reduce seams.
Tuned the dynamic background code to be quicker and less memory hungry.
Better support for perennial backgrounds (i.e. those without time variants).
Stat check notifications have been moved out of dialogue to a separate UI element.
Passed stat checks are now also shown, so branches are a bit more visible.
Cutscene transition standardisation continues, with many more updated.
ATM performance has been improved.
The shower rota roulette has been improved to offer more flexibility.
Bug Fixes:
Resolved crash in phone caused by having no active quests.
Enabled Consuela to carry twins, as always intended.
Restored erroneously unused Diane cutscene asset.
Fixed 100s of minor spelling and grammar issues.
Reordered layer to show posing for some Consumr dialogue that was previously obscured.
Removed possibility of taking Consuela to a locked church during her job hunt.
Renamed the regular beaver plushie to be an otter to match its depiction.
Corrected some of the flower names in Cupid.
Updated some dialogue where the player’s chosen name for Debbie or Jenny was not being respected.
Switched to using the correct background during Debbie’s day zero phone call.
Fixed player name alignment on report card.
Improved sleep prompt during Mia’s call for help quest.
Remedied the time of day in which Grace & Odette’s date takes place.
Fixed issue with daylight background being used at night during Jenny sex visits.
Taught Micoe to give accurate information about the location of Pregnax, Priya and the lab.
De-duplicated Jenny when she’d appear in the recovery room and at home after giving birth.
Prevented a segment of Eve’s dialogue triggering prematurely on weekends.
Given Debbie the ability to correctly identify a baby’s gender.
Fixed Anon’s internal virginity tracking so he can be honest in the game with Eve.
Updated a few instances where an incorrect blur was being used in the background.
Removed some disused/superseded assets.
Added some rails to Jenny’s ElectroClit quest to help avoid blocking other quests making use of Pink.
Fixed visual oddity occurring on entering the school for the first time.
Restricted access to Debbie’s panties while she’s in the room to prevent a conflict.
Resolved multiple blocking quest conflicts with Jenny mentoring Roxxy.
Removed an unneeded Bissette quest prompt that would play at the wrong time and without any background.
Fixed multiple visual and gameplay issues in Roxxy’s first study quest.
Prevented being able to jump start Diane’s breeding partner quest the night before.
Added confirm step to stat resets in order to give a second chance to people that don’t understand.
Improved school sneak quest rails to prevent accidental triggering of other quests.
Revisited pregnancy updates such that they play in sequence instead of only the first.
Fixed Annie’s button at her house to use correct dialogue.
Limited Richard and Lucy’s dialogue prior to taking delivery of Diane’s milk for continuity purposes.
Guarded against soft-lock when fooling around with Debbie instead of completing Diane’s route.
Prevented the search dialogue prompt in Jenny’s room playing if she is present.
Repositioned a Diane button that was trying to escape through the ceiling.
Removed a redundant dialogue option from Ivy’s button menu.
Restricted Lucy’s dialogue options about kids to when she’s in the daycare.
Removed the pregnancy minigame once insemination has already occurred.

Changelog 0.19.5
New Content:
Five additional cookie jar scenes.
A new quest featuring Consuela and the Rumps is now available.
Conseula can now be impregnated.
It’s now possible to access Rump Manor and it’s inhabitants.
The beach house has been extended with a kitchen.
A new recovery ward has been added to the hospital for women that have just given birth.
New minor characters: Chef Gamsay, Father Keeves, Melonia, Ricky and Thotbot.
Gameplay Touch-ups:
Improved pregnant bathroom visitation for Eve, Grace and Odette.
Tony’s pizzeria is now open in the evening, complete with new art.
Some old character buttons have been updated with the reworked visuals.
New Features:
Periodic autosaving has been replaced with a more checkpoint-like system.
The goal here is to provide more reliable and comprehensible backup saves.
The Debug Menu is now available to all users after acknowledging a disclaimer.
The loading screen now displays from which version a save originates.
Visual hints: Sepia for old but upgradable, and greyscale for unusable.
A warning is now displayed on loading a “recovered” save to expect odd behaviour.
A best effort attempt will be made to update older compatible saves on load so as to experience minimal disruption.
New method to display native language dialogue with subtitles when a character is speaking an unfamiliar language.
An experimental new system for generating background close-ups for dialogue.
Move character rename pop-up onto the new pop-up infrastructure.
Continue process of updating cutscene transitions.
Rework of season detection and related debug controls.
Experimental sex options screen with forward looking translatable interface is being trialled.

Changelog 0.19.1
Bug fixes:
Fixed a missing screen in the mall toilets.
Fixed Logger writing logging header to file when persistent.debug_log is disabled.
Fixed a crash when talking with Admiral Sploosh.
Fixed being locked inside the gym after yoga.
Fixed Odette disappearing during the evening.
Fixed an FSM action that wouldn’t trigger on Diane’s FSM.
Fixed hospital lobby background name.
Fixed soft lock in Erik’s house during the karaoke tryouts if you go in the mornings/afternoons.
Fixed soft lock in school when progressing Roxxy and Bissette at the same time.
Fixed the Orcette package monopolising the mailbox when loading a save made after its delivery.
Fixed the bank statement randomly showing up in the week with no interest, now Monday’s like clockwork.
Fixed Erik’s mailbox occasionally displaying as having mail when that wasn’t the case.
Moved the “clean auditorium” quest for dewitt from eve’s button to the park douches button.
Fixed the game being playable without extraction on MacOS.
Fixed more Diane wardrobe malfunctions.

Change-Log 0.18 Changelog:
New Features:

New revamped Jenny story
Once a week, you get a bank report in the mail. It will sum up the money you have saved and interest gained over the week.
Birth Control pills added to the game.
– Available at the end of the Priya side quest
– Will set your pregnancy chance to 0
Take a pregnax to increase your percentage back up (take 2 to get to 40% chance, which is the maximum)
– Effect is permanent until pregnax is taken.
Added a ModManager static class to handle future mods of the game, with the possibility to enable/disable mods on the go.
Side note : once you start a game with a certain sets of mods enabled, you should not disable them if you want to keep using that save.
SayTextFilter class to handle multiple text filtering functions.
Remapping of the weightlifting minigame key (for now).
Remapping is done with the “set_key” function. It takes the following arguments:
– key_name (only the string “key_str” is valid at the moment)
– key_id (use the pygame variable for the key you want)
Remapping is only viable for the weightlifting minigame
Remapping can only be done via the console
– Example : set_key(“key_str”, pygame.K_p)
– refer to for key codes.
Hidden attic scenes

Debug Menu:
Added Items tab to the Debug Menu. It has a search field for items in the game and you can add/remove any item from a click.
Added skipping forward day/week/month/year to debug menu
Changed locations screen to a draggable/scrollable area with all available locations.
Added button to lock/unlock locations
Added button to move the player to said location
Added button to set the location’s visited status
Added button to set the locations’s “can leave” status
Changed Machines screen to a draggable/scrollable area with all available machines
Added button to advance the machine
Added button to show the screen’s variable
Added screen for displaying said variables
Added keyboard shortcut (Shift + W) to show the debug menu. Only works when the UI screen is showing, and the game is in dev mode.
Added the option to skip the intro and the first day of the game

New locations:
Mayor Rump’s House

Rework of the codebase:
Triggers are now in an init block as to not be saved in the save files.
Added pickling methods to our custom objects.
Moved achievements and cellphone assets to their own folders.
New screen actions implemented in:
– Annie’s House
– Beach
Rework of the music minigame. The notes highlight in red if you’ve missed them, and green if not.
There is also sound effects and a counter of fails displayed.
At 5 fails or more, the minigame will “fail”, and you’ll have to retry.
Sound effects are me, recording my guitar playing broken chords if you’re interested. You can use them however you want.

Layered Image rework:
MC (only for jenny’s storyline for now)
Debbie (only for jenny’s storyline for now)
Mr. Bubbles

New Characters:

New sex scenes:
Camshows improved and reworked
Shower hscene improved reworked
Shower bj
Night time visit hscene
Jenny bedroom hscenes reworked and added
Couch sex improved and reworked

Bug Fixes:
The map screen now shows the location you’re going to on hovering that location. This is returning behaviour that disappeared in the 0.16 update.
Fixed save resetting bug (with the mysterious statue – piece 1)
Fixed time spent playing namespace issue that caused it to be counted multiple times
Fixed exception that could happen when winning the spin the bottle with MC.
Fixed “Skip First Day” option in the debug menu to work with jenny’s FSM and skip the hallway dialogue.
Fixed daylight scene happening in the evening when Diane’s barn has been finished.
Fixed day/night backgrounds issues in Diane’s barn.
Fixed overlap of milk item acquirement and pizzeria unlock popups.
Fixed Machine variables not reloading properly (Clyde and the dog quest)
Download Keep2share (
For PC
Size: 1101

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