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Slice of Venture 2 - Come Hell or High Water Version 0.5+Guide

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- We managed to (Finally) code something that allows image preload on specific situations: Spirtes are loaded while the game runs (it should help low conf. PCs) and H. Scenes are preloaded at the beggining of their events (it'll create a small loading time before the events start but it'll allow small configs to see the pics flow smoothly).
- As a consequence of the upper modification, it'll be possible to add a scene watcher in the game in the future (which was impossible until now).
- However ALL the scenes to have the script lines to preload their images. It's going to take some time to correct that. Sorry for the inconvenience.
- Ayame's description has been changed.
- Changed the name of the item "Panty" into "Underwear".
- Corrected Yuki's and Ayame's backwall height (adjusted to 2 instead of 3).
- Corrected the definition of the "Yuki Handjob Construction Site" recipe. It stated 4 in lust while it was 4 in perversion.
- Corrected visual bugs during the second conversation with the naked man of the backalley.
- Corrected the possibility to trigger the rhino scene over and over again.
- Corrected some problems with reading the book unlocking the Playground (Transparent background + Lack of sound when spending money).
- Corrected the spaces at the beginning of each sentence during the cone conversation.
- Corrected sprite positions and text spaces during the conversation with the lolicon worker.
- Corrected a huge bug that if you created the blowjobs recipe for a guy, triggering a handjob would result in getting the blowjob instead (messing up with the events outcome).
- Corrected a bad flow in the Komodo's scene endings
- Corrected a bug that made Mio and Chisame appear twice after you got the rhino element.
- Corrected Naomi's sprite place and pic during the conv when the girls bring the 10 items to Eri (if during weekend).
- Added a missing mouth to talk to the baker (as well as some text correction, and sounds missing).
- Corrected a bug that activated the first floor toilets' text by just passing in front.
- Corrected a bug that made Matsuhiro appear twice during Naomi's arrival.
- Corrected a bug that made the player cross the cardboard boxes in the Hobo blue tent.
- Corrected a bug that prevented the removal of the Blowjob at the Playground recipe for Yuki.
- Corrected a bug that could block the player as they launched the sake quest while shooting a scene at the dump.
- Corrected a bug that triggered blowjob scenes even if you selected handjob scenes.
- Corrected a some map problems (mainly elements you could cross while you shouldn't).
- Corrected a bug that prevented from leaving the PC choices in Ayame's bedroom with the Esc key.
- Corrected a bug that allowed the first bath scene with only one handjob given to the train station guy with Ayame instead of two.

Gameplay Update:
- You can now do 2 actions per day even during week days (a few remaining actions will keep taking the full day though).
- You can now play up to November 10th
- All stats have been raised by one point at the start of the game. Considering most recipes need multiples of 2 to get unlocked it's more coherent.
- Reduced the needed evenings spent with Atsushi by 1 to trigger the post boss diner conversation (3 evenings in total rather than 4 before)
- Removed recipes hints in Eri's office & Station's public toilets due to the anthology seller addition.
- Changed different things about Reiko's frustation. 1) It's now possible to start the scene between Reiko and Yuki the 11th (against the 17th, before). 2) All values are now the real ones (they will be given in the guide's update) 3) A last new scene can now change that value.
- Tweaked Chisame's quest (Horse dildo & Rhino element): You can get the rhino element sooner (the 19th) and you don't need to have finished the Komodo quest to trigger the horse dildo quest (you just need to have started it).
Art Additions:

- 8 new H-scene have been added to the game.
- 3 new base images have been added to the game.
- 68 new images have been added to the game.
- 9 new icons have been added to the game.
- One new pixel animation has been added to the game.
- A new set of pixel cloths for Ayame has been added to the game.
- 10 new NPCs models have been added to the game.
- A new music has been added to the game for H-Scenes (shamelessly taken from Slice of Venture Origins).
Gameplay Additions:

- The anthology seller has been added. You can find him in the library under certain conditions (the sooner being during the second week) and you can buy him anthologies giving you recipes contents.
- A new place has been added to the game.
- Five new elements have been added to the game.
- The first part of the game is now finished. You can unlock the first "good" ending, allowing you to keep on playing during November.

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