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New Life by Splendid Ostrich Version 0.4.11

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V. 0.4.11
This verson adds the game-mechanics around a proper handling of PC infidelity. I'll be working on fleshing out content for it over the next few releases. 0.4.12 will be a small release with just a single scene that I'll make in yaml & velocity as an example for writers - you can expect a series of blog posts soon as I work through it step-by-step.
Once that's released the following version will add more cheating content. I'll also be doing a PMW release soon - I'll be posting early next month on Patreon to gather suggestions from voters.

Changelog for 0.4.11:
Major changes & additions:

Improved handling of the player-character cheating, including a new scene where your infidelity is discovered.
The game now stores more of the pc's sexual and cheating history for each NPC. Cheating history will eventually be 'forgotten' after enough time, and will always be cleared if the PC confesses or gets confronted about it, to prevent getting caught twice for the same misdemeanor.

Minor changes & bugfixes:

Fixes to text issues. Thanks to OrangeJuice, Max Mustermann and Der Kittin Kampf for reporting some of these.
Fixed a bug with the custom scene transition reported by lostTrout.
Added a new trait: cunning. This stops the player being discovered cheating (unless her lover confesses, which will be added in later versions). It also stops the perverted client's wife from catching them together. The player can still choose to reveal her infidelity voluntarily.
Modified some conditions for the 'express your uncertainty' makeout action. I think it was Max Mustermann who reported some issues with these – thank you!
Rewrote the “request condom” makeout action with some changes to the logic and a more varied range of NPC replies – no longer will abusive jerks “kiss you gently” when they wear one because they have the conscientious trait!.
Some rewriting of the cowgirl “ask him to come inside” action text, which had some issues with e.g. directly quoted text. I also updated it to handle the as-yet not-fully-implemented baby-crazy trait, although that won't be visible in play until the trait is available.
The player can no longer ask an NPC to remove a condom if they were the one who asked him to wear it in the first place.
Reworked how the hair-trigger and hard-to-please traits work which should resolve some peculiar interactions they had with other game systems. The traits will probably have larger gameplay effects now, in some cases significantly larger.
Following a suggestion from Karanya, added a bit of extra text that will sometimes appear during the orgasm-on-breasts ending of the oral scene.
Added simple game-mechanics effects for the trying-for-baby relationship status, although most text hasn't been looked into to see if it needs changes and it's only accessible via a few special scenes. This status is currently only available in situations where it's locked-in, so there's no action to remove it (except for having a baby). This also means that the various “have babies” vows now have an actual gameplay effect if activated before marriage.
Changes for user-submitted content:

Improved tracking of the PC's sexual history with male NPCs. This may be useful in writing dialogue or text that hinges on what things they've done together. See the male NPC hasDoneSexualActivity and hasDoneCheatingActivity methods. This should also be set when the PC does an appropriate action in your scene: use addSexualActivity for this.
Added the performMakeoutAction method to male NPCs. This lets writers access Newlife's standard set of makeout actions, used in makeout scenes and also several others that involve an NPC feeling up the player.
Added the getBreastsDesc() method to female NPCs. This is identical to the PC's method. Thanks to Drgong for highlighting this omission.
Added the ability to add or remove PC traits as requested by Eulexia. This is intended for testing purposes only. For instance, you could add the not-fully-implemented baby_crazy trait to test your scene against it before it gets properly added.
Added various methods requested by writers – I haven't kept detailed notes, but if I said I'd add something in the discord then it's probably there.
The custom scene testing scene will now clear all scene flags when returning to it from a sub-scene. This means that you can use returnToParent to test the same scene repeatedly without previous runs interfering with the state of later attempts.
Added a new hidden Stat (“TEST_STAT”) for use when writers will need a new stat for their scenes. That way you can test with this and I'd replace it with the proper one when your scene gets integrated into the game.
New scene transition: ORAL_SEX.

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