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SimBro [Version 2.7a] (2015) (Eng/Rus/Multi) [FLASH] Update

Date: 2015
Genre: SLG, ADV, Flash, Big Tits / Big Breasts, Yuri / Lesbians, Straight
Censorship: No
Platform: PC / WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10 / Mac / Android
Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required
Version 2.7a
Language of game: English /
Language: English /
Language of voice: English /

An adult game brings together brothel manager trivia with sexy story lines and battles.
Hire game characters to serve brothel tasks, or use them as party members to complete quests and unlock unique characters for your service.
And it's not all about sex, we are trying to make it interesting like management/RPG game itself.

Click five times on the 'version' label at the right upper corner to summon cheat code menu. Enter the code. Use only capital letters. Girl will hit the box if code is correct.
NOKIDDING - gain +5000 to your starting money.
FORGETABOUTIT - a new high-level girl to the starting crew.
YOUSHALLNOTPASS - sets your security level to 100%
SPONGEBOB - enable debug mode. You'll find debug panels in the 'Staff' menu and in 'Peek' scenes. They allow to check available skin colors/outfits/stockings for girls and cycle through sex scenes. Also there are options to change mood, hygiene, dignity and make an instant level up.
You can enter same codes several times to stack effects.
We are going to change codes from time to time. So if your code doesn't work check this page again.

Changelog 2.7a
– Gym is working in basic mode. You can pump up any of your characters there. After 5 every day workouts you’ll change your body build. As well as you can lose fitness in 5 days if you haven’t attend the gym. New traits for body complexion are ready. For now it’s just labels, but we’re going to add effects for them.
– Main line for dialogues with gym instructors are halted for now, despite a lot of animations with gym machine are ready. There are going to be two gym instructors for odd and even day each one.
– fixed Slums. No buttons and means to exit after different events. Fixed whole event changing algorithm. Now they will change when time passes when you are at different then slums locations. After 25 REP you’ll unlock TEAMS and first THREAT event here.
– fixed TEAMS. Now they do save correctly. Now they attached to controls and available at any screen with character line. You can show/hide teams with a lil button next to party char. You can drag and swap characters in teams in any way, it works flawless. Targets for dragging are highlighted correctly.
– fixed team assignment at slums. After securing TREAT event at SLUMS you can assign team of 3 chars there to OFFER GIRLS, RECRUIT or DEFEND. You can setup bonuses for offering girls, but earned money kept at team, so you have to visit them again to collect them. Peek option for slums accessible from reception.
– fixed map movement bug. Now navigation arrows work fine after entering /exiting any locations. (Basically whole map moving system now ready, not just one east slide)
– fixed health bar endless lines. There a lot of other bugs in combat, I’ll tend to them later.
– fixed NPC chars saving and missing items.

Changelog 2.7
– Added new scene with Hitomi and a new resource Energy Cell. Which can be used to offer her to clients for one tireless day. Although she can’t leave the portal room. Those Energy Cells will be used as resource to decipher further travel codes for Hitomi Adventures.
– Now you can change the price of the ticket for gloryhole to control the amount of daily client who will request it.
– Fixed ‘after action’ calculations. Now gloryhole results, or any other deals with more then one client are calculated right.
– Added missing animations for some ‘cum’ scenes.
– Fixed interfaces to show current stats for girls. Low stats shown in orange color to make it more obvious.
– Fixed a bunch of dialog and scene stuck.
It is more of fixing update, but a cleaner code leads to more stable and enjoyable game. If you run into crucial bug – let us know, we’ll fix it.

Changelog 2.6b:
– Fixed recent Alice/Reception girl event. Now it finishes how it should be, plus they stole her personal item in the end. Which could be a start for a new quest in the future.
– Launched party assignment for slums. Be sure you have at least 25 rep, to be able to use teams. Clear all threats at slums, then form a team at city map and drag the whole team to the assign point. There you’ll be able to choose ‘offer girls’, ‘defend’ or ‘recruit’.
– Peek scenes for slums added to the whole peek cycle through reception.
– To get the results of hiring task you should check your team at the location. We should probably add notifications for this kind of events. Like a card list of candidates you can browse from your cabinet.
– Fixed a lot of small bugs that were encountered during diving in the old scenes.

- Added event with reception girl (special for Alice). Including zoom and photo options. 15 day plus that replaces one of the collectors visits. Meet Iren, lieutenant of thugs. We want to expand the ending of the event. So there will be more aftermatch. (With Alice off course).
- Staff line rewritten from the scratch. And a lot of things around it. Scroll if you have more characters to place in one line. Icons for busy and exhausted characters.
- Now you can assemble your party before fight when you are attacked at home.
- Fixed a lot of inner things that are wrong, but we dug out for more wrong things. Slowly but we are going to bring them in order.
- B2 event is almost ready. But we don't like it very much, because it feels bland. So we'll rewrite it using the existing models and animations. (So you can't see it in this version, why am I adding it to the list? It just feels that we rewritten a lot, but nothing much to show.
Download Keep2share (
For PC
Size: 126

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