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Team Monolith - Monolith Bay New Version 0.16.2

Language: English
New Version 0.16.2
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Our tale is centered around a young man, who moves to Monolith Bay, a small coastal town with an unusual past, to try and rescue his parents from limbo with the help of his stepsister and mad scientist uncle. The town, however, has more to it than meets the eye, and so does your uncle…​.

-Nameable save slots
-Optional POV mode in sex scenes
-Fixed sometimes being unable to enter the party with Coira
-Minor bug fixes

-There was an issue and the whole ending were you confront Codd at top of the tower was skipped.
-First ledge grab closer and more checkpoints for platforming part of shooter
-Info to shoot the shield generator

It is time for another update! This month with a finale with multiple endings depending on the girls you dated and your choices in the finale.
The endings are just the first iterations and will be improved over time, also there will be a lot more content added before the ending, we just wanted to have an conclusion before our steam release.
The new gameplay is also quite interesting, it is a third person shooter but with a twist, instead of hurting people you shoot away the clothing.
Also we added optional quest marker, which should make navigating much more easy.
-New cyberpunk world with mainstory content
-Multiple endings
-Cyberpunk shooter with climbing
-2 new characters
-new 16 Cyberpunk style clothing

-3 Coira dating sequences
-Get a bike before going to church for the first time, so you never have to walk to it
-Autosave and continue in the main menu
-Mount bike with a hotkey (B)
-Fix D sometimes being limp
-Many minor bug fixes

-Pamela 3 sequences and one sexy date
-Bike race with Pamela
-Customizable controls in settings and updated settings-UI visuals
-You can message Girls from your phone and let them come to you if unlocked
-Crouch by pressing Ctrl
-Added Turkish translation (was missing by accident before)
-and many minor bug fixes

-Open world dating (Up to “likes you” state in public version)
-Translation for 16 languages (Google translated)
-Better Task sorting (Main, sub and side tasks)
-New tasks that help with knowing what you have to do in school
-Hug Animation
-You can change clothing inside of a sandbox animation
-Create male looking characters in Creator
-Select genitals in the creator
-Fixed moral officer not showing up when revisiting space
-Added NPC girl at cliff (Creator Patreon reward)
-Nipple texture customization
-New male cloth and hair
-Added beards
-Emotions in creator
-Better Ghost Girl quick travel fly path
-Town NPCs now have 3D dialogue portrait
-Basic routines for some main girls (walk to and sit on bench, go to toilet)
-Dateable girl’s current location shown on map
-New task to collect 10 stones, required for first uncle mission
-Fall of map save working inside ragdoll
-MC has fewer muscles and gains more muscles with higher fitness stat
-All NPCs are now character creator PNGs
-Glasses in the character creator
-randomize character button in creator
-Show/hide NPC PNG saves in creator

-Now has accesses to the adult sandbox with 2 animations and 2 characters
-Clothing shop and wardrobe for MC
-Improved eyes
-Fap mini-game
-Improved environment (cliffs, stones, and Pamela hut)
-Voice acting with lip sync for Violet in the bus scene
-Stat system with tasks to increase and stat conditions
-Ghost girl now actually picks you up when quick traveling
-3 new hairstyles
-Improved lighting inside the bus
-Many minor bug fixes


-Adult scenes and adult sandbox have climax inside and outside function
-Improved MC visuals, and some MC customization at new game start
-A weather system is now added to the game. Weather also influences things such for example if it is bad weather there are no people at the beach
-Ghost Girl dungeon added and platforming is skip-able if you don’t want to play it
-Improved volumetric light for street lamps
-Save slots show the name you choose for your character
-Fixed quick travel unlocking too early
-Fixed a bug where relation state reset, happened mostly with violet
-Fixed Ghost Girl quest not able to progress when leafing without getting the stone

Team Monolith - Monolith Bay  New Version 0.16.2

Download Keep2share (
For PC
Size: 1050

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