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Kosmos Games - Bright Past New Version 0.88.1

Language: English, Russian, German
New Version 0.88.1
Censored: No

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Bright_Past.exe" to start playing.

Dear friends, the day has come! It is with great pleasure that I present you a demo of my new project. Some may consider it to be a remake of my very first game – “Bright Future”, that many of you liked. The new game is called “Bright Past” and is also based on the concept of an open-world sandbox with a main storyline. However, this time we are doing it on a completely different level! In the current version you can meet the main characters, learn about their background and game setting in general.
As you can see in the screenshot, the game will take place in the modern world. The main character will be a girl. The genre of the project can be described as a sandbox with elements of the quest an RPG.​

Continuation of the main plot and close acquaintance with Alice.
Colonel White takes over the security of the quarter.
Alex finds Flavi at work and gets to know her personally.
Flavi has a new hairstyle.
The news about the last concert will appear on the phone.
New menu for buying clothes.
Alex will be able to feed the kitten.
Updated and expanded trucker scene.
Bonnie and Tanya’s updated daily routine + home outfits for them.
In the bathroom, Alex can open or close the front door + Barbara’s light visit while taking a bath.
The ability to display only characters with quests in the NPC menu.
In “Hot Arctic” you can meet Paris.
2 new achievements.
Minor fixes to the starting history.
Changing the time of day in the Castle.
Multiple fixes.

A big event after the 3rd concert with many familiar ladies. If you have already played this concert, then this event will start automatically.
Tanya will now sometimes paint in the park. You can talk to her.
Alex will be able to visit the Mistress in her office. You can learn more about the Red Quarter and about the Mistress personally.
Webcam broadcasts have become repeatable. There are now 2 stages of nudity available.
New collectible — Tara’s paintings. At the moment there are 3. For them you will receive special art points. Points can be spent on changing the appearance of some characters in the NPC menu. Just for fun.
New hot event from Kevin and Julia.
Alex’s new outfit is a robe. Alex will wear it after showering.
Acquaintance with the competitors of the Mistress. Go to the highway. (+ 2 new NPCs)
Lots of new pornhub images.
During casino harassment, you can afford more.
During pregnancy, Alex will feel nauseous until she has an abortion.
+ 5 new achievements
After creating a tattoo, the mood spoils.
Ingrid’s new appearance
Security guard in the casino. If you get harassed, he can help.
If you persuaded Margie to buy a sexy dress, she will sometimes wear it.
Alex will be able to shower while Valerie is in the tub.
Alex can get rid of nicotine addiction by abstaining from cigarettes. However, quitting smoking causes depression. We’ll have to endure.
A new state: depression and pills for it.
Ash and John are now shown in the park.
Fix display of goods from a candy store.
+ 1 bonus card
Some interface improvements.
Many other fixes.
New scenes:
Hair drying scene after shower and bath.
Lack of panties on the subway.
You can show off your new car to Valerie.
A reading scene has been added in the library.
Vaping on a park bench.
New locations:
Bathroom in the dorm.
Redesigned old locations:
City center
Rose Street
Rose Street library (+ cute library worker)
Redesigned old scenes:
Director and Jill
Ruth’s Lessons
Record yourself on video
Solarium scenes
Meeting Ash on the stairs at night.
Some scenes in the Glory Room.
Shared morning with my sister.
Valerie is in the bathroom.
Updated sprites:
Jill’s house owner

Main plot
Continuation of rehearsals and classes
Purchasing a new guitar
3rd concert on a new stage
Red Quarter
Complete transformation of the “Arctic” cafe under the guidance of the Mistress
“Teaching” Jane and Amanda a new profession
New outfits for Jane and Amanda
The ceremonial opening of the establishment with the participation of the Mistress’s closest people.
Jane’s Secret Toy Event
Penny’s updated appearance on the posters
Possibility to smoke in the casino toilet
The smoking button in cafes and casinos is available not only in the booth, but also in the common room
Jane and Amanda’s reaction to the soiled Alex
Reduced frequency of handbag spawn when working in a cafe.
Increased tip for a personal order in a cafe.
Updated old scenes
Valerie Night Toy
Valerie’s lingerie presentation
Valerie and the courier
Ash and John in the park
Amanda caught with a plug
Second dream-memory
Updated sprites
Ruth Lane
Some of Jane and Amanda’s sprites
Casino boss

Michael is unable to continue rehearsals due to personal problems. Get to know his wife and try to resolve the conflict. You will have two options to choose from.
Complete arrangement of the basement, including the construction of a webcam studio, kitchen and toilet.
The builders are doing their rituals again. Perhaps Alex would like to join?
First personal webcam broadcast.
Updated appearance of Tara.
Scenes in the updated basement:
Sleeping on the couch
Cooking and fridge are available in the basement.
Images of smoking in a cafe toilet, walking with Valerie in the center and getting tattoos.
If smoking is accompanied by a special image, the icon will be changed.
Reworked the attack scene in the park and a completely new look for their female leader.
Easy update of some old scenes with Barbara.
The first erotic dream has been updated.
Bonus image with Margie
The random events in the metro have been completely redesigned.
The news about your concert appeared on the phone.
An updated look for the motel room and tattoo parlor.
When it rains, location icons are displayed in the foreground.
And also many small fixes for the interface, sound and gameplay.

First casting in the modeling business and shooting in advertising.
Visit to Jill at the hospital.
Now you can chase away the maniac on the bus or “make friends” with him.
Continuation of acquaintance with Alice Dark.
New sex scene with Jane.
Penny’s completely revamped appearance and all the scenes with her.
Updated webcam scenes with Barbara. Including tattoo and renovated room. (WIP)
Using butt plugs in the Glory Room.
Butt plugs during sex with Leo.
Image of sleeping in a motel. You can also select the number of hours.
You can visit Owl at her home. + dressing gown for the Owl.
Change of time of day in China Town
New dialogue with Mrs Benoit if we saw her naked on the beach.
Updated Margie’s sprites
Random event in the Red Quarter
3 new NPCs
2 new locations
You can go on a date with Ruby by car.
Barbara sometimes comes to Martina’s office.
Some updates to the NPC menu
Updated bench image
Simplified butt plug icon.
Many small fixes.

Main story:
Closer acquaintance with the group
Naked Owl
Second concert
The ability to invite friends to the concert
6 new themes for songs
4 new songs
The opportunity to visit Ruby at home and have fun with her.
Ruby’s night at the motel has been updated.
Anal sex with Broom, including butt plugs.
The basketball and all Broom scenes have been updated.
Side activities:
Image of Alex at the barbershop.
Image of Alex smoking at the bar.
3 new selfies. All old selfies have been updated.
Advertising featuring Simone.
Updated scene of eating ice cream.
Updated kitten and stroking scene.
Renewed concert of “Combat Fagots”.
Updated college posing scene.
Updated lessons with Falsetto.
New locations:
Southern region
Bus stop
Owl’s apartment
Ruby’s apartment
Ash and Owl’s relationship points are calculated correctly.
Alignment of icons in the characteristics menu.
Money for writing articles is transferred to the card account.
Other minor fixes.

This time Alex will take part in deciding the fate of the Arctic cafe. Will Paris make her dream come true? What role will the Mistress of the Red Quarter play?
The opportunity to retire in the toilet of the sports complex.
Random event in the cafe toilet.
Random event in the magazine store in the Red Quarter.
Jane has a little secret hidden in the cafe.
Valerie and Monica can now be found in the park.
Lucas returns to the park with his new dog.
New images of Alex with a phone.
The sports store has been updated.

Second attempt to fix a bug with Margie
Blowjob lesson has been fixed
Crash when visiting the gallery has been fixed

Continuation of Valerie’s story. Why is her personal life not going well and what to do about it?
Complete renovation of the basement. Stock up on money. Renovations and good furniture are not cheap. Also, access to the basement now opens much earlier. After a complete renovation, the following functions will be available to you:
– sleep
– storage of things
– wardrobe
– mirror
Alex can retire in her car and masturbate. Available only near the house.
You can repeat the laundry event with high anal sex skill. You can even earn some money.
Alex will be able to buy butt plugs. There are 2 sizes to choose from. To insert the plug, you need to find a quiet place. Some scenes take into account the presence of plugs:
– masturbation in a cafe toilet
– masturbation in the car
– laundry
A new meeting with Evelyn and changes in her life.
Updated renders of deep blowjob lessons.
A shower room has appeared in the gym. You can see Barbara there after her training.
Acquaintance with the seller in the porn magazine store. And also a random event in this store.
You can have free coffee on Rick’s bus and the staff room at the college.
Alcohol rates are now rising much faster.
1 new NPC
1 new sexy costume for Valerie
Renovated interior of the laundry room.
New renders of a walk with my sister.
In the red street you can see sex right on the street.
Updated student uniforms on college screen.
Bug fixes, including a critical bug with Margie and the clothing store.

Changelog “Bright Past” v0.75 (RUS+ENG+GER)
Ryder returns and is about to take revenge.
– Alex is waiting for a dangerous test and new connections in the criminal world.
Anal training goes to the next level.
– The fingers no longer give the desired effect. Maybe you should visit the sex shop again?
It became really dangerous to walk on the night streets.
– The masked maniac will come again and again. Alex’s parameters will be essential.
Some old scenes have been updated:
– The privacy of Valerie and Matthew.
– Alex shows Barbara a home video.
– Ash and John at the cafe.
– Alex in the subway.
– Binge with Amanda and Jane.
– All events with Paris.
New small scenes:
– Alex and Valerie will go to yoga on the subway.
– Alex can spend time with Valerie in the evening and improve the relationship.
New appearance of John, Paris, Vanessa, second prostitute, gangster.
I continue to refine the NPC menu.
The need to wear a uniform in a cafe for stupid reasons is now gone.
You don’t have to wait until Saturday to meet Jane on Rose Street.
Lucas’ office has been updated.
1 new animation.
1 new NPC.
3 new items, including weapons.
Some sprites have been updated.
The courier quest has been fixed.
Pharmacy night image.
Fixed some bugs.

Version 0.7.3
Major update: Sports
Sports system has been reset and replaced with a big quest to fill the Gym
More interactions with Margie, Barbara, Leo and Fred, one new NPC
Two branches with hot endings and animations
Gym Shower and Main WC added to the Sports Center
Started by doing sports, until the MC needs a trainer for further development
Major update: Alcoholism
4 stages of alcohol dependency, starting with regular drinking in the Rock bar
It takes some time to develop the tolerance for stronger drinks and the addiction itself
2 events for being drunk, bad event for being wasted
Major update: Inventory
One-click buy and move of items, item descriptions, bugs are possible
MC will sweat after exercise
New songs
Gas station added
Keyboard support to walk around
Restricted sleep
Choose whether you want to smoke normal cigs or the electronic cig
Two new cards
Many improved backgrounds

Changelog “Bright Past” 0.68.5 (RUS+ENG+GER)
First concert (don’t forget to turn on the sound)!
Alex visits Michael’s house
More themes, more songs, redesigned inspiration system
Songs can be improved now
Redesigned Rock bar, Kitchen, Smartbucks
Party in the Arctic Cafe, with Amanda and Jane
Anal training 201 (Animation)
Valerie in the bathroom, again (Animations)
Many new pics, now considering the tattoo or the no-panties option
New achievement for an old event
Mini-icons added, more NPC’S in the NPC-screen
Fixed a lot of bugs

Version 0.65
You will meet again with Valerie’s sister and meet the big bosses of Jade City.
I completely replaced the gloryhole cabin in the toilet with a better one.
I also replaced all the scenes and Albert’s dick. A tattoo option is also included.
4 new animations, including recycling 1 old.
Now you will be able to receive orders for fulfilling piquant tasks. Take a look at the website work.bp.
The deep blowjob lessons were not in vain. You can apply knowledge on Broom.
In a leather dress you can now walk without panties (you need a high level of courage).
Alex can sleep without clothes.
New images of Barbara in the shower in the first scene.
A new image of a clothing store + seller.
New breakfast images (including tattoos).
On the street to the right of the house there are now people.
Dialogue with Margie in the store no longer needs rhetoric.
An elevator appeared in the sports complex.
2 bonus cards.

Version 0.63
Alex will be able to attend deep blowjob courses.
Intimate acquaintance with nudists on the beach.
The ability to sunbathe and swim without clothes.
Your group will begin preparations for their first concert.
Alex will be able to get a tattoo. It will be displayed during dialogs and in the wardrobe.
The image of Alex in the wardrobe has been improved.
New location – tattoo studio.
New clothes for performances.
New very hot selfie.
You can use the fuck machine in the secret room for arousal. To do this, you must interrupt the act of masturbation. Event in the casino also increases the arousal.
Starting a teacher job has been simplified. A hot selfie is needed only for the event with Teddy.
Some old scenes have been updated with new underwear.
The save menu in the English version has been fixed.
The condition for opening a sex shop has been fixed.
Fixes for many minor bugs.

Version 0.35.3
You can build a relationship with Ruby.
You can go on dates with her, chat and get to know each other better. If you know what I mean…
An animated scene is present.
I completely redid the mood system. Almost every action affects the mood for a while. In a bad mood, Alex will not be able to work. The system is still being tested and I’m waiting for your feedback.
New locations: Old Town and Highway.
It’s best to walk on a highway on a rainy day. Sex scene is present.
In the toilet of a cafe, Alex can do blowjob. Also now she will receive money for this.
At night, the park becomes really dangerous. It would be better for you to avoid this place (or not).
Unprotected sex will now lead to pregnancy. The system has not yet been fully developed.
A full pregnancy in the game will not be. I will tell the details later.
Emergency contraception and a pregnancy test appeared in the pharmacy.
You can close the game menu by pressing ESC.
I modified the relationship system a bit. Now the bonus art will open automatically, and relationship points will accumulate.
I also added 2 bonus images from Ruby.
After the rehearsals start, you can go to Rick at night and talk to him.
New sounds added.
Now, Alex will only wear a jacket outside in the rain and at night.
After the cafe closes, Jane and Amanda will do the cleaning.
The hospital will now be available at the very beginning of the game.
Many bugs have been fixed. Minor fixes are also present

Kosmos Games - Bright Past New Version 0.88.1

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For PC
Size: 3270

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